Why do you hesitate?

Someone died too young today.

Someone famous who had done a lot with their life.

You stop for a moment.

A realisation that tomorrow is not certain and there are things that you want to do and you’ve put them off because the time isn’t right or you’re scared or you just need to save more money or, or, or, or……….

Suddenly you feel full of enthusiasm for getting on with what you really want to do.

Time is limited you think. What if you don’t get it done?

You walk back into the office, the phone rings insistently.

Later. When I have more time, you tell yourself.

You get home in the evening.

Enthusiasm wanes. You’re tired.

I’ll get on it tomorrow you say – or maybe at the weekend.

The status quo sucks you in.

Tomorrow is not certain.

And today is yesterday’s tomorrow.

Why do you hesitate?