What is it about driving?

I don’t know what it is about driving but it often seems to bring out the little miss self-righteous in me.

Yesterday I was sitting at a roundabout on my way home from the supermarket. It was fairly busy with a steady stream of traffic going past so I was waiting to pull out.

Then one of the cars turned off and I would have been able to go if only the driver had used their indicator! The familiar narrative began in my mind – “Is your indicator broken? Thank you, now I’ll have to wait for another dozen or so cars to go past, don’t mind me, etc”.

But this time, before it really got going, a question occurred to me:  Does it matter?

Not said in any tone of voice, not referring to the Highway Code, not asking for any logical justification of why it shouldn’t matter – just a very soft enquiry as to whether I wanted to allow this experience to upset my vibrational balance, to disrupt my peace of mind.

Did I want my focus to be distracted and for my attention to be swallowed up by this incident? And all at once I felt my body relax – I didn’t even think about an answer – I felt myself decide.

I love that soft voice which is always there offering guidance and sanity but it’s not a ‘shouter’ and I am reminded that I have to want to hear it, that it is up to me to listen.