What choices do I have?

The question which keeps coming to mind right now is “Who am I in all of this?”

Am I a victim of circumstance, tossed about on the waves of chaos and panic? Or do I have a choice in how I respond?

I’ve heard a number of theories on what the current world situation means but I have no theory of my own.

As Steve Jobs said “You can only connect the dots looking back”, so all I really know is that at some point I will be looking back and I will be able to see the silver linings – both the personal ones and the universal ones. I have experienced the truth of those sage words enough times to know that this too shall pass however difficult the situation, however unlikely it may seem.

So what choices do I really have? I can take part in the chaos and panic as a victim – or I can shut myself away from it and be a hermit until it is over – or I can choose to love myself through whatever occurs.

I can choose to relax into the awareness of who I am – that space where I feel no need to be any ‘thing’ or to shield myself from any situation. That space of awareness where I am able to observe the ebb and flow of emotion without judgement, that space where the actions to take are clear to me.

And when I get drawn into the panic and chaos, it’s ok because that space of awareness and love is still my core – still who I am beneath and before everything else.

You know when you fall in love how everyone looks more beautiful, they are more pleasant, you feel like holding doors open for them, helping with their shopping, smiling at them, complimenting them – suddenly the world and everyone in it is kind and loving, including you – your glasses are rose-tinted like never before.

That’s what love does and love is what we are.