Let your creative out

Let Your Creative Out - Denise Pink

Are you a creative in waiting?

Is there something that you would like to create out here in the world – an idea which excites you? It could be a book, a film, a business, a worldwide movement – there are infinite possibilities!

Do you find yourself holding back, comparing yourself to the Austens, Spielbergs and Musks of this world and not quite trusting that you have what it takes to bring this idea to life?

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Then you may be a creative in waiting.

I wrote and published my first book last year – it was a long time coming and when it came it didn’t look anything like I thought it would – it wasn’t the meaty self-development bestseller I had dreamed of for the last decade – it was a skinny little thing containing 14 meaningful (to me!) stories from my own life.

But writing that book, allowing those thoughts, those memories to take shape on the page in front of me, watching the magic that is self-publishing allow me to order an actual physical copy of my book and then to hold that book in my own hands was so satisfying.

I had created something completely unique.

Nobody else could have written that book because they are not me and frankly, I don’t care whether anyone else reads it or not because the pleasure, the joy, the satisfaction for me was in the allowing of that book to happen.

Now if you had asked me when I was 16 what I’d like to be doing, I may well have told you that I wanted to be a writer, a journalist maybe. But it didn’t seem realistic – a writer who flunked her English ‘A’ Level, had had enough of education and the ‘doing your best’ only to find it wasn’t good enough. But here I am today – an author! It may seem like a small thing, that book, but that book is not really what this is all about.

Let Your Creative Out - join now

I thought for a long time that I wasn’t creative.

I was too scared to audition for a part in the school play, my art teacher was not impressed by my work and while I got good marks in Creative Writing, I obviously completely missed the point when it came to appreciating the ‘real creatives’ like Shakespeare.

Our society is a great fan of labels and being ‘a creative’ is one of them – so it seems like you either are one or you are not. However when we take a look at young children, it’s obvious that they are all creatives – creating is what they do all day long. And that’s not something which we lose, we just start getting told whose creation is the best and we lose faith in ourselves, we learn to doubt our very way of being.

Then we get told that we need a job and certain jobs need to be done by a creative and others do not – and suddenly you are either a creative or you are not. And what others expect from us can so easily become what we expect from ourselves.

You were born a creative and you still are one. Actually it’s not even that you are ‘a creative’ – it’s that creativity is who you are.

Still not sure that you’re creative? Remember last week when you were invited to the office after-work drinking and bitching session but you didn’t want to go so you made up that excuse about having to wash all your clothes by hand because the washing machine is broken and the repair man can’t come until next Friday and you spilt tomato soup down your favourite top last night and you don’t want it to stain permanently so you’ve left it soaking in cold water all day so you really need to get home and wash it out before the water evaporates and it dries out. Yes that, that was you being creative.

You are creating every day whether you realise it or not. So the question is not ‘am I creative?’ but ‘am I creating in a way which makes my heart sing?’

If you’re done waiting then this program could be just what you’re looking for!

In this 6 week coaching program we will explore:

  • where ideas come from and why yours are just as good as anyone else’s
  • how to stop talking yourself out of your brilliant ideas when doubt or fear walks in the door
  • why being more playful is a really smart move – always
  • what to do if things are taking an unexpected detour from your plan
  • why ‘trying to get it right’ is really slowing you down
  • how you can relax and enjoy the process of your idea coming to life
  • why what the others think really doesn’t matter at all

What the program includes:

  • 6 coaching calls via Zoom (75 mins)
  • call recordings available for you to download so you can listen them back
  • email support – if you have a burning question between coaching calls you can email me and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours

Your investment: £ 888

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