If only you were more like my cat

If only you were more like my cat …… you’d be so much easier to love.

I saw a lovely picture on Facebook today of a cat stretching in front of a log fire and I thought “Oooh, you’re so cute” as I stroked her head with my cursor.

And I started wondering why it is so much easier to look at a cat (pretty much all animals actually) and appreciate their beauty, their magnificence, their being-ness, than it often is to see the same in another human being.

As I pondered this, I realised a couple of things – firstly, the cat is comfortable in her own skin, she knows her own worth without anyone else telling her – you just have to watch a cat licking itself to see how much they love themselves just the way they are. Secondly, a cat does not demand that you change your behaviour to suit her – if she’s too hot in front of the fire, she doesn’t expect you to turn the fire off – she just wanders into the kitchen and flops down on the cool tiles for a while.

Our first cat died a few years ago and she was the first pet I ever had (actually I hesitated over the word ‘pet’ as anyone who has ever had a cat will understand). And whilst she demanded to be fed, to be adored (when it suited her) and to get as close to heat sources as possible, she never once gave the impression that there was anything wrong with me – she never once said “Your hair looks a mess” as I fed her first thing in the morning or “Wow, you’ve put on a couple of pounds over Christmas”.

She knew who she was and when I would sit there stroking her thick fur and we looked at each other, I knew who I was. Whole, a perfect creation.

If only I were more like my cat …… you’d be so much easier to love.

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  1. That’s a nice and simple post Denise and a very useful comparison. Cats usually are pretty comfortable in their own skin alright 🙂

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