Denise Pink Life Coach Horsham

Denise Pink

Denise Pink

I spent years searching for answers to the questions about why my life plays out the way it does.

For example, why did I feel so good some of the time and so stressed other times? Or why was it that sometimes life just felt like such hard work while at other times it just seemed to flow so easily?

Denise Pink

I started out in the alternative therapy field in 2003 eventually becoming a qualified Reiki Master and Bio-Energetic Therapist.

After a few years, I realised that somehow our own individual thinking played a huge part in our experience so I trained as an Independent LifeSuccess Consultant and a Holistic Life Coach. I also incorporated Emotional Freedom Technique into my coaching practice with great results.

Then I came across the Abraham-Hicks material which really deepened my understanding of why each of us experiences our life the way we do.

In 2018 I completed my training to become certified as a Certified Clarity Practitioner – the exploring continues!

There is always more to discover about life but what is already clear to me is that the answers to our questions don’t come from outside of us, every one of us has access to the deepest wisdom and, when we are aware of this, the answers can be heard.

After leaving school, Denise dabbled in a few uninspiring jobs until she found an apprenticeship in IT. Denise spent the next 10 years working in IT in software houses and in the insurance and pharmaceutical corporate sectors. She held a variety of positions both here in the UK and in Switzerland before taking a career break to look after her two wonderful daughters. In 2003 Denise became interested in alternative therapies which later led her on to her path as a coach. Denise is based in Horsham on the Surrey/Sussex border.